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Agripo – a part of Butikskonsult AB (Head office)

Visiting address: Järsjögatan 9, 692 35 Kumla, Sweden
Delivery address: Viagatan 12, 692 35 Kumla, Sweden
Mailing address: Box 140, 692 23 Kumla, Sweden
Office phone: +46 019-57 80 80

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From the 2nd of January 2014 Agripo is a part of the shop fitting company Butikskonsult AB in Kumla, Sweden. Agripo started in 1982 by the farmer and potato grower Peter Aschan.

In 1979, Peter came up with the idea to lift 200-kilo potato containers up to an ergonomic height for customers in supermarkets, then open the bottom and let the potatoes roll out onto a disk. Easily accessible for consumers to fill their potato bag with a potato fork.

We have since the start in 1982, delivered 10 000 lifts and dispensers to supermarkets in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Ukraine and elsewhere.


Butikskonsult started business in 1983 and has become one of Sweden’s leading and most experienced players in the planning, development and fitting of retail environments. We create concepts and attractive interior designs for everything from shop-in-shop and specific departments to complete stores. Always with the goal of achieving pleasurable shopping in inspiring environments and increasing the client’s profitability.

Production is handled by subcontractor manufacturers in both Sweden and abroad and we are responsible for the logistics, warehousing and assembly. We are located in Kumla, in central Sweden. We employ about 60 people and generate sales of slightly more than SEK 140 million annually.