What’s so smart about Agripo®?

The system is developed to create a more profitable sale of potatoes and other root crops thanks to reduced waste, increased sales, and an efficient workflow. Our potato lifts improve the working environment by eliminating heavy lifting. The system has been continuously developed and has been tested for more than 30 years.

All our electronic lifts and manual dispensers can be equipped with wood interior cabinets to match any specific supermarket chain appearance. So that the image and experience of your store can be further enhanced. We think that’s smart.

What are the benefits of Agripo® and how does it work?

Watch this short film and you will get the answers.


Three benefits of Agripo®


With the Agripo® System, the potatoes do not need re-packaging. It can therefore be transported straight from the grower to the supermarket, which means we can offer the freshest food possible to the consumers.


Since the potatoes are protected from light, they don’t turn green. Several supermarkets have, after installing Agripo®, reduced their waste of potatoes to zero.

Increased Sales

Through a more attractive display of potatoes, customers will buy more. Develop your fruit and vegetable department and you will have a positive effect.