Thirty years of success

The EDEKA merchant family Süllau in northern Germany recognized the benefits of Agripo from Intrx at an early stage.

“For more than thirty years, we have successfully used Agripo in our stores. It’s reliable and ergonomic and has helped us increase the sales of potatoes sold by weight. Agripo is by far our oldest unit in the store. Only my father, Günter Süllau, is older,” EDEKA dealer Hendrik Süllau says and laughs.

Since the 1980s, Agripo has served customers and staff in the Süllau family EDEKA stores in northern Germany, and they have no plans to abandon this recipe for success.

“In my opinion, it’s the most effective method of selling potatoes by weight. Since the introduction of Agripo, we can see an increase in sales of locally produced potatoes by at least 25 percent. In addition, Agripo offers easy and ergonomic handling for both customers and staff. What was previously associated with heavy lifting for the staff is now trivial – several hundred kilograms of potatoes can easily be handled by one person in a few minutes,” says Hendrik Süllau.

We can see a sales increase of locally produced potatoes by at least 25 percent.

Sustainability and reduced plastic use are things that the Süllau family has worked with for a long time.

We have always promoted the sale of produce by weight in our stores. The challenge of reducing the use of disposable packaging is something we take most seriously.

The trend is towards smaller households and more demand-based food purchases. For example, customers want to pick their vegetables themselves and don’t want to be forced to buy more than they consume. With Agripo we can offer that opportunity. Customers choose their own potatoes and buy only as much as they need. This is a major environmental benefit because it reduces household waste,” says Hendrik Süllau.