The Agripo® system from Butikskonsult is designed to create profitable root crop sales thanks to reduced waste, simplified logistics and an efficient process. Agripo® also improves the working environment due to the elimination of heavy lifting. The system has been developed and proven for over 30 years to meet the demands and needs of a modern store.


When it comes to loading, Agripo really shows what it can do. Four boxes totalling 800 kilos of potatoes can fit on a single pallet. This means that transport loading goes smoothly and more potatoes can be carried on each truck.


One person can easily handle several hundred kilos. The box is loaded into a lifter, and the potato shelf is rolled into place. All with just a few easy manual moves. Then the potatoes roll out and are ready to meet your customers.


The unique octagonal box protects potatoes from light and thus eliminates waste. Its durability and sustainability are important factors in Agripo’s success.


The Swedish Agripo system can increase your profitability due to much lower costs for freight and handling, reduced waste and increased sales.


The Agripo® systems octagonal box* is filled with root crops and four boxes, totaling 800 kilos of root crops, fits on one pallet (80×120 cm). The lift can also be used in combination with a wood container which holds 250 or 100 kilos root crops. The Agripo® system makes it really easy for personnel to get large amounts of root crops from the loading dock and into the supermarket. Everything is smooth and fast and they can handle hundreds of kilos without lifting a thing. The system also reduce wastage by always keeping the potatoes protected from light so they do not turn green. As the system provides the customer a good overview and the ability to pick their root crops in the right ergonomic height, it will result in increased sales

*The Agripo® system is mainly used in combination with the mass produced octagonal box which holds 200 kg root crops. The box is made from 100 % recyclable corrugated cardboard.


All of the Agripo® lift system and manual dispensers can also be equipped with wood interior cabinets to match any specific supermarket chain appearance. For further information and requests contact Butikskonsult.