The Benefits of Agripo®



  • Potato in bulk can streamline logistics up to 400% compared to packed potatoes. Four boxes, totalling 800 kg of potatoes can fit on a single euro-pallet, while packed potatoes require up to four pallets to carry the same volume.
  • With the Agripo® System, the potatoes do not need re-packaging. It can therefore be transported straight from the grower to the supermarket, which means we can offer the freshest food possible to the consumers.

Easier Handling

  • Thanks to the gravity-fed function, the supermarket personnel can devote their time and energy to something other than dragging potatoes around. Once the potato-box is opened, potatoes continuously roll out – ready to meet the customers.
  • Agripo® is ergonomic for both customers and personnel. The potatoes are presented at the right ergonomic height. No more heavy lifting.


Reduced Waste

Since the potatoes are always protected from light, they don’t turn green. Green potatoes make up a large percentage of the supermarket’s potato waste. Several supermarkets have, after installing Agripo®, reduced their waste of potatoes to zero.

Reduced Plastic Use

Right now, we can see a significant increase in the number of bulk-based, packaging-free and zero-waste stores in Europe. And of course, also the larger supermarket chains must follow the ongoing development and try to reduce their number of single-use disposable items and plastic packaging.

Instead of contributing to the plastic pollution by selling your potatoes in pre-packed bags, you should try selling in bulk with Agripo® in together with bags of paper or bioplastic.


An Agripo®-unit has long durability and requires minimal maintenance.

Therefore, we can offer a 2 years warranty, but our experience is that an Agripo® unit can have a life­time of more than 25 years.

Increased Sales

We have measured the sales statistics in five German stores for four months, one year after the installation. The result showed an increase in sales by an average of 38%!

Would you also like to try Agripo® in your store?