Lifts both the potatoes and the local farmers

A potato lift from Agripo is not only practical for customers and ergonomic for staff – it can also be used to highlight local retailers and increase sales. ICA Maxi Supermarket Östersund has proven this.

“The locally grown potatoes are appreciated, but a little more expensive those grown further south. Both customers and suppliers think it’s great that it is obvious where the potatoes come from. Customers prefer the locally grown potatoes and asks for them if they were to be sold out, says Jerker Hansson.”

Jerker is sales manager for fruit and vegetables at ICA Maxi Supermarket Östersund. Potato lifters from Agripo have been used in the store for many years. Recently they got more lifts and also put up front signs saying where the potatoes had been grown. There are many different fronts for Agripo’s flexible lifting system.

The potato lifters are very good. Before we had to place some potato containers on the floor. It got verry unergonomic for both the customers and the staff. Now instead we can fit them in Agripo lifts and elevate the containers to an ergonomically height sales increase. The customer sees the product instead of just a large container, says Jerker.

He recommends that all stores that buy potatoes on half a pallet or larger should invest in a potato lift. There will be a big difference for both staff and the customers, which will have an impact on both sales and the work will be more ergonomic. In Sweden it is common with potato lifters, but in Europe they still sell mostly in pre-packed bags. In this way, we are a pioneering country – but the scene is about to be redrawn. The Swedish way of selling potatoes is about to make an impact in Germany, for example. But in contrast to Sweden, German stores are already good at highlighting their local suppliers and farmers.