K-Citymarket Länsikeskus reduced waste of potatoes by 85 percent with the help of the Agripo lift system. At the same time, the efficiency of the employees increased. The big renovation of K-Citymarket Länsikeskus in Turku was completed at the end of 2021. The old potato tables in the Fruit and Vegetables Department were replaced with […]

A potato lift from Agripo is not only practical for customers and ergonomic for staff – it can also be used to highlight local retailers and increase sales. ICA Maxi Supermarket Östersund has proven this. “The locally grown potatoes are appreciated, but a little more expensive those grown further south. Both customers and suppliers think […]

The EDEKA merchant family Süllau in northern Germany recognized the benefits of Agripo from Intrx at an early stage. “For more than thirty years, we have successfully used Agripo in our stores. It’s reliable and ergonomic and has helped us increase the sales of potatoes sold by weight. Agripo is by far our oldest unit […]

Perhaps not the most controversial statement to make, or even a cliché? But the fact is that health trends come and go while the advice to eat lots of fruits and vegetables remains. We know this. That most of us should probably eat more plant-based food. In a survey*, the majority of Swedes state that […]